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Smile Design Treatment, Procedure, Cost in Hyderabad


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Enameloplasty is a common process that is done to improve the smile. Patients with discolored or teeth with fluorosis tend to show a loss of confidence or do not smile completely. Cosmetic Dentistry is done to enhance one’s smile and establish confidence in a person. Smile design is used to recreate the smile of a person.

  • There are various techniques or procedures in smile design:
  • ♦ Composite
  • ♦ veneersPorcelain
  • ♦ veneers
  • ♦ Teeth whitening / bleaching
  • ♦ Orthodontics
  • ♦ Invisalign
  • ♦ Crowns
  • ♦ Bridges
  • All these procedures can create a beautiful or enhance to a beautiful smile. Each procedure has its own time duration. Fastest and permanent is RCT followed by crowns or bridges.
    Our expert team will evaluate and establish the necessary steps to be done to make over your smile. Evaluation involves teeth size, color, alignment and other parameters. Once the parameters are noted then a plan is laid down, which is different for every individual according to their criteria. Treatment once done gives you the best smile ever. Give you more confidence and make you enthusiastic.
    Smile design is a cosmetic minimal invasive and pain free procedure done for those wanting a better or good smile.