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Metal Ceramic Bridge

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After an endodontic procedure metal-ceramic crowns and bridges are used in dentistry to replace missing teeth. high quality and ensure the most comfortable results for our patients. There are various types of crowns in dentistry.

Crowns and bridges are the most common terms used in dentistry after endodontic procedure or to replace a missing teeth. There are various types of crowns that are used in dentistry. Metal ceramic and Direct Metal Laser Sintering are the two types which are widely used in dentistry.
Metal ceramic is used as a prosthesis and also as a tooth restorative material or crown after endodontic treatment. These metal ceramic crowns have been for more than 50 years and are still used till date. They are strong durable and are non-transparent i.e. they do not allow light to pass through. Metal ceramic are biocompatible where the metal and the ceramic are layered to create or imitate a natural tooth.
Direct Metal Laser Sintering is an advanced type of metal ceramic where the metal and ceramic are layered using CAD/CAM technique.

CAD/CAM [Computer-aided design (CAD) and Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM)]. This helps to design the crowns without any human error. DMLS is an advanced type of metal ceramic crown. Metal ceramic and DMLS crowns with proper precision and care once placed crown will be for life. Crowns are used to protect the weak tooth, which may shatter due to heavy forces and tooth that is grossly decayed, broken, dental bridge, dental implant and also for cosmetic purpose.

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