2023-03-22 12:49:28
Laser Dentistry Cavities and Cost of Dentistry Benefits


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Laser has replaced knives and blades in dentistry. It’s an advanced technology used to gain more precision and 100% accuracy. Laser is used in both soft tissue and hard tissue surgeries.

Laser when used in Gum surgeries without any anesthesia, there is less bleeding when compared to regular gum surgeries involving BP Blades. There is very less chance of infection when laser is used in dental procedures. When laser is compared to conventional approaches to surgeries the procedures where laser is used shows a speedy recovery and is mostly pain free. Laser can be used to remove decay and is very coherent in cutting, removal, decayed or diseased tooth structure. Bone and tooth trimming and shaping can be done using laser but it’s limited to few procedures. The results are fast, very effective and are pain free. Laser is used in Flap surgeries, Frenectomy, Gingivoplasty, Crown Lengthening and etc.

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