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Flap Surgery

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Flap Surgery

Flap surgery is a procedure done to the gums, when there is a profound infection to the gums. This process cleans the roots of teeth and restricts or stops bone damage caused due to accumulation of bacteria in the gums. This is a minor surgical procedure done under local anesthesia. The process is minimal invasive and the recovery period on an average is 2-7 days. Flap surgery process is pain free as it is done under anesthesia, but after the procedure the patient may fell some discomfort or mild pain.

  • Indications or Signs of flap surgery are:
  • » Bleeding gums
  • » Swelling of gums
  • » Loosening of teeth
  • » Halitosis (bad breath)
  • » Teeth sensitivity
  • » Loss of teeth
  • » Gums recession – moderate to severe
  • Flap surgery would restore your smile. If left untreated there is a good chance to lose all teeth eventually. Bone loss or bone degradation is noticed in the OPG or X-rays, which will stop once flap surgery is done. The ligaments, bone and the teeth are in danger if the procedure is not done is serious conditions.
  • Flap surgery saves all the teeth effected from gum disease or the bacteria residing in the gums. Once flap done and healing is done the gums will be bright pink in color devoid of any inflammation or swelling and have strong and shiny teeth.