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Teeth are the hard tissues present in the Oral Cavity (Mouth), which aid in chewing food into tiny bits for better digestion. We are the best endodontist offering one of a kind treatment, and prevention of any kind of disease on the dental pulp.


Tooth can be divided into two parts – crown and root. Tooth has Enamel, Dentine, Cementum, Pulp and Periodontal ligaments. Enamel is the superficial layer of tooth covering only the crown, protecting dentine and is the hardest substance found in human body, Dentine – that which protects the pulp from external nemesis. Cementum covering the root portion and protects dentine. Periodontal ligament fibers aid the tooth attachment on to the bone i.e. alveolar bone. Pulp is the only soft tissue inside the tooth. Once the bacteria enters the pulp there is a need for Endodontic intervention.


Endodontics is the art in dentistry where the infected or necrotic pulp is removed using various techniques, this process is known as root canal therapy. Endodontics can be performed in various procedures such as RCT, Apisectomy (peri-radicular surgery), direct pulp capping, indirect pulp capping, pulpotomy, pulpectomy, pulpal regeneration and hemi-section. Endodontic procedure are done so as to reduce the pain associated with infection, Endomotor is an instrument which is widely used in endodontics. Manual process involves time consumption, infection remnants risk and increased number of sittings. Endodontic procedures with Endomotor reduces time and patient satisfaction. Endodontic procedures increase precision, reduces patient procedure time, shows complete microbes removal. Whenever there is a decay of tooth which involving pulp there is a need for endodontic intervention, it is a major branch in Dentistry where most patients are treated. Find Best Endodontic treatment procedures @TOOTH CREW DENTAL

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