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Enameloplasty / Veneers

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Enameloplasty / Veneers

Enameloplasty is a common process that is done to improve the smile. Patients with discolored or teeth with fluorosis tend to show a loss of confidence or do not smile completely.  Let us help you smile with confidence.

Enameloplasty literally means shaping a part of enamel covering the crown portion of the tooth. Enameloplasty is done in the following conditions such as discolored teeth, distorted teeth, teeth stained due to food or beverages, damaged tooth due to injury or trauma, teeth with fluorosis, teeth with gaps – especially in the anterior or front tooth. Stains due to tobacco use and other means where the teeth do not look good.

The process involves removal or shaping the facial or front side of the teeth and replacing with composite or porcelain veneers. Both involve shaping of the tooth. Composite is done by a Specialist and Experienced Doctor, Porcelain is done in the Lab and then attached to the patient tooth with a cement. Veneers or Enameloplasty gives the person a special boot of confidence or resoluteness. It improves your smile and gives you shiny and beautiful teeth. They give a natural appearance that no other person can notice. They are resilient to stains and are stronger. Require very minimal tooth preparation compared to crowns. These veneers or Enameloplasty done does not require any special treatment or special care by the patient. Their cost is very less and very efficient in boosting your morale through a beautiful smile.