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Apical Surgery

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  • Apical surgery is an endodontic procedure done to remove the remnant infection from the tooth apex or tip of the root. This process is a minor surgery involving soft tissue removal and a part of the infected tooth’s root.
  • This procedure is done when the infection near the apex is more than 0.5cm in size and involving one or multiple teeth. It is known as a non-surgical endodontic procedure or Apisectomy. This surgery is done to preserve an infected tooth where the infection cannot be removed by endodontic procedures or other conservative methods.
  • This procedure increases the life of the infected tooth, giving the patient his or her natural teeth for good period of time. Patients fear about the surgery whethers it is painful or how long the recovery takes. It is done under local anesthesia, where the patient doesn’t have minimal pain, post-operative, the patient is given analgesics to compete for infection to reduce pain.
    This surgery is an alternative to extraction of teeth in cases where the teeth can be preserved by performance of this surgery. It’s a safe and periodic procedure done in dental clinics to preserve once teeth.

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